House Movers

Mick Lindley

    While traveling US highway 72 near Madison, Alabama one day with my family I noticed this house setting on beams waiting to be moved. I immediately called out "stop". I got out and took these pictures. It was very cold that day so everyone else stayed in the car. They waited patiently while Poppy did his thing knowing I would return to my senses in time. Most people might think this is a commonplace thing, but take a close look at this house. Being in the construction industry most of my life I immediately noticed the brick was still on this house. Looking closer I noticed the concrete floor and entire foundation was intact. The entire house along with the attached utility room was dug from its resting place and set on these beams. So, all one needs now is a flat place to set it down and you have an instant house. Amazing? Maybe not to you but I think it is highly amazing. But then again, it don't take much to amaze me. See more pictures of the house in our GALLERY.