The Bridge

     "The Bridge" as it is known, located in Fayettville, WV is quite a bridge. At over 800 feet above the water it is the second highest suspension bridge in the U.S. I had heard of this bridge for many years, so in the spring of 2009 Debbie and I decided to go there. I had learned just days before the trip that the old bridge and road was still in use that goes down to the bottom. Upon arrival I decided I had to ride the old road. Debbie had overheard some people talking about how scary it was so she refused to ride with me. She stayed at the visitor center. See you later baby, I took off and returned about an hour later. Some curves and switchbacks were very treacherous with a motorcycle and a trailer but I made it OK. Be sure and see the gallery to see the old road and views from the bottom. Before the bridge was built this 8.7 mile narrow crooked road required 45 minutes of driving time. The bridge only takes 45 seconds to cross. See other pictures in the gallery. Click Here

    West Virginians take their bridge serious. They hold an annual "Bridge Day" in October. The 2007 date is October 20. When Bridge Day arrives, more than 200,000 people converge over the course of the day to take part the day-long festival. Jumpers (idiots) parachute off the New River Gorge Bridge diving 876-feet into the New River Gorge below. Rappellers descend on ropes like caterpillars beneath the mighty bridge. More than 200 vendors provide delicious foods and fantastic entertainment!