Five Sure Bets You Can't Lose

1. Bet your adversary that he or she can't take their shoes and socks off by themselves.

Answer: As soon as he or she begins taking off their shoes, you do the same with your own. Get it?

2.  Bet someone that he can't stand with his left foot and his left shoulder touching the wall, and then lift his right foot.

Answer: As can be easily demonstrated this is a physical impossibility

3. Make a bet with someone saying you can pick up three matches with just one match.

Answer: Arrange three matches in a tripod or tee-pee configuration. Wooden kitchen matches work best. Use the fourth match to light the three matches. They will fuse together and you can slip the fourth match under the burned area and pick up the three matches.

4. Bet that you can drop an egg six feet through the air over a hard surface without breaking the egg, and without catching it or otherwise interfering with its descent or travel.

Answer: Drop an egg from a height of 6 feet 1 inch. It will not break until it falls the six feet you claimed it would.

5. Place a dollar bill across the top of two glasses about 3 1/2 inches apart. Bet that you can place a quarter in the middle of the bill without having the bill fall.

Answer: Fold the bill in half lengthwise, then fold each half lengthwise again. This will give the bill an accordion look. Now it will be strong enough to easily hold the weight of the quarter.

   As the title says these are sure bets you cannot possibly lose. These will catch your friends unaware because on first thought they don't seem possible. Make sure the person you make these bets with can take a joke.