Hunting Check List
Gun Oh really?
Clips Ammo etc. To shoot
Knife Sharpened
Latex gloves For gutting
Bluetooth speaker For sounds
Calls-deer, turkey, & hogs Attraction
Coat, gloves, boots, belt, etc Warm
Hand & foot warmers Warm
Chair/Seat To sit in
Water, juice, food etc. Eat
Phone, GPS, Compass, etc Comm & sounds
Rope For drag
Blaze orange tape Tracking
Map If needed
Camoflauged hat Hide head
Orange hat See head
Toilet paper, paper towels For emergencies
Hunt Notice.doc Idiot sign
Hunting license If needed
Thermos & containers For coffee, etc
Lighter, matches For fire
Binoculars To see
Face make-up For camoflauge
Scent attractant & eleminator Smells
Flashlight To see
Rainsuit To stay dry